why adopt? well…

After a struggle with infertility, Heather and I looked at the investment of tens of thousands of dollars toward fertility treatments and weighed that against the cost of adoption. I was reluctant at first because I wanted to see how handsome my children would be, based on my wife’s good looks. It was pretty natural of course to want to produce children to carry on the Bauer legacy, but Heather and I talked about her early conviction that she would like to adopt. That began to grow on both of us until our minds were set on adoption. After adopting our first boy from Guatemala, Heather had surgery for endometriosis (the presumed cause of the infertility) and the doctor gave us the news that if we wanted to get pregnant, this was the time. It took us two seconds of looking in each other’s eyes to confirm that we wanted to adopt more kiddos. I think the way the conversation went was that, on our pay scale, we would be able to handle raising about one more kid. At this point, we were well aware that there were kids out there who were already alive and on a life trajectory and we couldn’t handle the thought of limiting the space in our family by giving birth to a child. That’s when we knew that adoption had become more than an option it was a conviction from God. This conviction has obviously grown to be a trademark of the Bauer family.

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