a whirlwind trip

I’m stunned! Just barely made in on the plane with all 8 of us to head home. Home sweet home. My heart is so full of the kindness of others. I was flooded with texts and messages which reminded me of the amazing support the Bauers have. Our experience on the TODAY show revealed so much about the friends we have who are pullling for us. I’m thankful for the plane tickets, hotel rooms, the amazing gift of a cruise with the family, a glimpse of the show business and 24 hours in NYC. No doubt about that, but you guys are blessing my socks off with your cheers and retweets and posts. Our adoption journey is still going and we are so glad to have your support. It’s a bit embarrassing to get this much attention but Jesus arranged it and I want to keep my eyes on him. Oddly, standing in Times Square last night, it was clearer than ever that I don’t want to win at the American dream. It pushed me out of any fear or man or desire to please anyone but Jesus. Jesus lead on, I will follow. Follow Jesus. He will be enough. More than enough.


3 thoughts on “a whirlwind trip

  1. I KNEW IT! I just knew in my spirit that you were a follower of Christ, based on the words of your daughter’s letter first and then by your kind and gentle and focused demeaonor when you were being interviewed. What a lovely story – and now a privilege to follow along your journey. Many blessings to you and yours.

    The Gang’s Momma (aka Tracy W)


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