Could Hiding Your Failure Rot Your Soul?

thanks jesus for exposing the cracks-2.png

That was the prayer this morning as I checked my deck. One of my projects this summer has been to make a impermeable deck surface so we can make and enjoy a patio underneath. Primed plywood and a really thick deck resurfacing paint might do the trick. But, I am noticing some cracks opening up that need to be refilled. If I don’t fill them, water will get in, and expand the plywood and the experiment is over. 

I had to smile about how my pattern of every moment dialogue (prayer) with Jesus joined with my work project today. “Thank you Jesus for exposing these cracks!” 

Immediately, the prayer on my lips reminded me of our hesitance to admit our failure to God and others. When your failure or rebellion is exposed, are the first words, “Thank you Jesus for exposing these cracks?”

Maybe they would be if we understood the good news about a gracious God who wants to keep the cracks from developing into soul rot. 

I’m curious to know how you are developing your dialogue with Jesus and others to be able to admit when you have rebelled? What is the good news about having your “cracks” exposed?

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