Sunday Morning

It sounds as if it’s been raining still in the PNW, so you’ll be glad to know that we’re in a downpour last night. We were surprised to show up early to the church service in Sarazon today where Russ was to preach. We showed up fashionably late (on Haitian time) at 6:30am for a 6 am service, but found they observed Daylight Savings Time, which left us arriving in the middle of classes. 

Kids, women, teens, new converts, men had various classes being taught by animated teachers who would often have the people reciting Scripture and explaining. A small handbell rang at 7am to call them together. And then again at 7:15 and then a song leader called them together with a song and then . . .

They seated us on the stage/porch at about 7:45, which was awkward but a honor I presume. Probably 12 different people came up to address the church and sing, pray, make appeals, or read Scripture. At about 9am our team was introduced and we brought greetings from the church in the PNW. Russ brought the Word with energy and clarity until 9:35 translated by Pastor Yves. He encouraged them to have courage through the difficulties they experience and to have no fear because they are greatly loved by Jesus. 

We greeted the church and went to the building site where they have a new project. A group from PAP was singing and blessing the new construction and I was able to pray for the work. 

We were blessed with a wonderful Haitian meal by Pastor Jethro’s wife and started back to the orphanage in Mirebalais at 11am.


On the way back we dropped off Pastor Ludwig at his home and were treated to fresh sugar cane.

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