Into Haiti

As we flew from Miami over the blue waters of the Atlantic and then toward the Islands the beauty was breathtaking. We had the “privilege” of circling over Port-Au-Prince (PAP) while waiting for a spot on the tarmac and had sweeping views of a mountainous countryside scarred by dry valleys. The airport was clean and organized well and the staff was polite and helpful. We waited in Customs a while for the arrival of our fifth member, Chris. Greg had arrived earlier and was already reconoitering and acquiring electrical supplies in PAP. Greg came back to airport customs with Jean (Lebron James look alike) from GVCM and Chris arrived soon after. ​​

We loaded the truck and the 7 of us took off into the wild traffic in the capitol city.

Don’t worry about the guy that cut us off in his overloaded tap tap (custom made truck/bus)! Jean got out and had a talk with him. 😉 It helps to be huge. 

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