Do you wonder why we don’t. . . wonder?

A deep conviction has been developing in me that the church has lost their sense of wonder about God. Kids have a great sense of wonder about the world. For little kids, miracles are everywhere; in spider webs and pretty leaves. We lose that wonder about God as we “grow up” and “make” God into a predictable being. Becoming mature does not mean we need to lose wonder. I have developed a three question process that allows me to rediscover wonder in everyday mission. These are questions I ask when I enter a coffee shop, store, neighborhood, church service, or any gathering of friends.

  1. Rhetorical Question – Has God given up on these people? No!
  2. Biblical Question – What is He doing? Redeeming Lost Souls.
  3. Wonder Producing Question – How far is He along in the process? I do not know, but I hope find out. I wonder!

Are you interested in finding out what God is doing? Would you let it develop to a point where you are moved to action?

The church must work toward wonder. Creativity is sparked when we sensitize ourselves to God’s work in the lives of those around them. For those that have begun to think and pray in this way, suddenly, mowing a neighbor’s lawn, walking their dog, raking leaves, and baking cookies becomes a step in spreading the Good News; it becomes a partnership with God’s work, to express his love to a world who is wondering if he loves them anymore.

What causes you to wonder?

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