compass needle

My heart was broken this week for you kiddos. I want so much for you: fun that lasts, wisdom that guides, love that deepens, a future that is secure. That last part isn’t going to happen though, is it? Nothing is secure about the future. Selfishly I want you to just do the right thing and stop fighting, stop accusing, stop bickering and . . . clean your room! 😉 Actually I want something quite a bit different than that. When my heart broke again this Sunday, I realized that when you live out your imperfect life, with its ups and downs, all I really want is for your heart to be yielded to God. I want your compass needle to be pointed to Jesus. When you struggle, remember that it’s the direction your heart is pointing that I pray for most of all. Clean your room, because you will be a better person for it, but point your heart to Jesus because he will secure your future.



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